Tarnby Gaming Coffee Table

The Tarnby Gaming Coffee Table is great for people with limited space but a serious passion for games! Built in storage slots for cards, game pieces and drinks and removable table topper means you can quickly transform your living area into a games station. Optional extras include the reversible whiteboard underside to the table topper, allowing you to keep score easily. The table also functions great as an activity station for kids and adults alike, whether it be lego, puzzles, crafts or whatever your hobby may be.   

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OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 1210(L) x 700 (W) x460mm (H)
RECESSED PLAY SURFACE: 920(L) x 460 (W) x 75mm (H)

From $2,299.00

Our game tables are made to last and look great. For this reason we only work with the solid hardwoods. Currenty we offer both Tasmanian Oak and American Oak with customisable finishes including clear lacquer to bring out the natural features in the timber, and many other coloured stain options ranging from whitewash to chocolate to suit your home decor. Our hardwoods are sourced locally from FSC [Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC [Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified suppliers to ensure that our forests are protected for generations to come.

Tarnby Coffee Gaming Table | Table For Board Games
Tarnby Gaming Coffee Table | Optional Whiteboard Underside | The Table Flippers

The Tarnby comes with a table topper to easily swap between a coffee table and games centre. As an optional extra, we offer a dry-erase whiteboard to the underside of the topper which adds further usability to the table as a score tracker or drawing board. Our toppers are made from a combination of solid hardwood and hardwood veneer to ensure a flat, sturdy and durable surface which won’t warp over time. The table topper fits firmly to the table and features anti-drip grooves to prevent spills making their way to the surface below, protecting your precious games in progress!


Our signature feature that we’re sure you will love: the flippable play surface. By selecting this option, you’ll receive a double-sided play surface with solid plywood on one side and felt with foam underlay on the other, allowing you to quickly & easily flip to the best surface suited to your game. For instance, you may use the wool side for card games but prefer to flip over to the wood side for you D&D games – the choice is yours. The felt surface also includes a 3mm foam underlay to allow for easy to pick up cards and satisfying dice chucking. Best of all, the play surface is very sturdy: it won’t bend and sits totally flat across the whole table without any edges sticking up.

Tarnby Gaming Coffee Table Flippable Play Surface | The Table Flippers
Tarnby Coffee Gaming Table | Customisable Quality Hardwood Dining & Coffee Gaming Tables

We know that you take your games seriously and your table should reflect that. That’s why we offer full customisation including large stainless steel cup holders, recessed card holders and colour selection for timber and play surfaces. We are also happy to work to your special requests, whether it be alternative play surfaces, LED lights, speakers or anything else you can dream up, please just ask. We’re excited to start crafting your table and we’re confident that you and your gaming group will love the result.


OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 1210(L) x 700 (W) x460mm (H)
RECESSED PLAY SURFACE: 920(L) x 460 (W) x 75mm (H)

From $1,999.00